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£8 for 3-Metre USB Cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod (value £16)


Delivered within: 16 days

Value £16 Discount 50% You save £8
This deal ended 4 years ago

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  • £8 for 3-Metre USB Cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod (value £16)
  • £8 for 3-Metre USB Cable for iPhone, iPad & iPod (value £16)
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  • Never again will you have to sit beside the plug socket for hours on end.
  • £8 for a 3-metre-long USB cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod and new iPad.
  • Gives you great flexibility when charging your device.
  • Delivery just £1 extra.
  • Can plug into any laptop to charge your iPhone or iPod on the go, or to transfer files between devices.

If you're like me then you never sleep alone. Wait now, get your mind out of the gutter, I don't mean that in the Barney Stinson sense. Whether your bedtime vice is Facebook, watching your favourite show, or listening to a few tunes, the distance from bed to charger is always that bit too far for the cable.

Solve this conundrum with today's deal - £8 for a three-metre-long USB cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod from eVenta Solutions (value £16).

Stretch no more, because this great deal will solve all your low battery woes. The three metre long cable will ensure that your iPad will never go dead in the middle of Mad Men again. 

The cable can slot into a USB supported plug adaptor, or into your PC or laptop, allowing you to transfer files files between devices, or charge your iPhone or iPod when you're on the train, bus, or anywhere really.

Size does matter, and never face length issues in the bedroom again with this great deal.

eVenta Solutions

Delivery to addresses in ROI and NI

Email: ampmclearancestore@gmail.com


Limit: 4 for you and 4 gifts for others
Provide full address when purchasing. Shipping £1.00 additional charge. iPad charge will only function when using iPad mains USB plug to charge. iPad charging is slower that with a standard 1M cable. Delivery within 16 days.
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 16 days