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Snore No More Sleeping Aids from - Choice of 1 (£16) or 2 (£28)


Delivered within: 16 days

Value £39 Discount 58% You save £23
This deal ended 4 years ago

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  • Snore No More Sleeping Aids from - Choice of 1 (£16) or 2 (£28)
  • Snore No More Sleeping Aids from - Choice of 1 (£16) or 2 (£28)
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  • Silence the snoring and enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Grab some Snore No More sleeping aids and pay up to 64% less than the normal price.
  • Delivery from just £3.90 extra to addresses in the Northern Ireland.
  • Made of soft silicone so fits comfortably to nose.
  • Comes in pack of one for £16 or two for £28.

If your partner’s intrusive snoring is starting to get right up your nose, it’s time to stop kicking them in the shins out of sheer frustration and do something that works. Equip your loved one (or yourself!) with a Snore No More sleeping aid, so you can both slumber in peace. It’s a win-win situation!

Grab a Snore No More Sleeping Aid for just £16 instead of £39 or snaffle a set of 2 for £28. Delivery costs from just £3.90 Extra to Addresses in the Northern Ireland.

Both you and your partner will be able to breathe easy and get some much-needed ZZZZs, if whoever snores pops one of these comfy Snore No More devices on their proboscis when retiring to bed each night. 

Earth magnets contained within the soft silicon pads stimulate specific acupressure points on the septum. These clever little techy dudes help keep the wearer’s nasal passages open overnight, ensuring that their brain and body receive an adequate supply of that never-to-be-underestimated element oxygen!

Recent studies have shown that chronic snoring is linked to an array of medical complaints, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease and even strokes. By reducing snoring, you can alleviate these risks – not to mention cheering up the poor person who has to listen to your excessive exhalations all night long.

Given all the benefits, this deal is definitely not to be sniffed at. With a Snore No More device to hand (or rather “to nose”!) you can rest assured that you and your partner will reap the dividends by cutting the risk of illness and by promoting blissful, undisturbed, silent, restful, rejuvenating ... yawn… sleep. 


Enter full address when purchasing and allow up to 16 days for delivery. £3.90 applies per order. Delivery to any address In Northern Ireland.
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 16 days